Canine and feline dental diseases, besides causing unpleasant odors, can cause serious diseases of vital organs such as kidneys and the heart. Diseases of the gums and teeth are also painful for your pet and negatively impact their quality of life, especially in geriatric animals. Dental prophylactic procedures (prophys) require general anesthesia, which allows a low risk approach to thorough examination of the oral cavity and successful treatment of the teeth and gums. Although this is usually a very routine anesthetic procedure, basic bloodwork and a good examination by a veterinarian is needed.

All dental patients receive intravenous fluid therapy and are carefully monitored throughout the procedure. During the dental prophy, each tooth is probed to look for signs of infection or gum recession. An ultrasonic cleaning is performed to remove plaque and tartar. Badly infected and painful loose teeth are extracted as well as any retained baby teeth. The procedure is concluded with a polish and fluoride application.

Our veterinarians are very aware of dental diseases and routinely examine pets' mouths for signs of trouble. If any are found, owners are advised of the best ways to deal with these dental issues. If done when indicated, routine prophylactic dental procedures can aid in keeping your pet healthy and pain free.

A technician performing a dental cleaning on yellow lab
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dog's teeth before a dental cleaning dog's teeth before a dental cleaning
dog's teeth after dental cleaning
same dog's teeth after dental cleaning