We have a fully-equipped in-house laboratory in which we are able to perform a variety of tests. Comprehensive blood panels used to evaluate major organ function in our patients can be run using our extensive hematology lab station. Along with being a useful diagnostic tool for our ill patients, these panels can be used as a general pre-operative screening for patients undergoing surgical procedures during which they would receive anesthesia. The results of these panels are produced within 15-20 minutes, giving us the opportunity to provide prompt treatment if needed.

We are also able to diagnose many diseases using in-house SNAP tests, such as canine heartworm disease, feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus, and canine and feline pancreatitis. Cytological evaluation of samples obtained from many areas of the body, including the skin and ears, are performed microscopically by our doctors and technicians. Urine samples can be tested for evidence of infection and other health issues. With the ability to perform all of these diagnostics inside our clinic, we are better able to effectively initiate treatment in our patients.

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