Laparoscopy is a procedure in which special optical instruments, or endoscopes, are used to view the interior of several parts of the body. Laparoscopy functions as a diagnostic tool and can also be used for several surgical techniques. When an endoscope is used to perform surgery in the abdominal cavity, it is called laparoscopy. Laparoscopic surgeries are performed through two or three very small openings into the abdominal cavity. Because these procedures are much less invasive than standard incisional laparotomies, in which the abdominal cavity must be entered through an incision of varying length, laparoscopies have major advantages. Our observation is that pain and post-operative stress exhibited by patients after a laparoscopic procedure are greatly reduced, and the need for post-operative confinement in most cases is lessened. Complication rates for laparoscopic procedures are also greatly reduced.

Our West Ashley location is now routinely using rigid endoscopy for several surgical and diagnostic procedures. These procedures include:

Laparoscopic Procedures:

Though our laparoscopic procedures are more costly than our standard incisional surgeries, many people feel the benefits of a less invasive approach are well worth the extra money. If you are interested in choosing laparoscopy for your animal, please inquire about the procedure to any member of our staff.

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