Cat and Dog Grooming in Charleston, SC

Does your pet need a makeover? West Ashley Veterinary Clinic can refer your four-legged family member to our complete, fully staffed, all-breed professional grooming facility, West Ashley Pet Care Center. Our professionally trained cat and dog groomers will work with you and your pet to achieve the style and comfort you desire. We offer a large line of shampoos, medicated bathing products, coat conditioners, and colognes for your pet’s comfort and needs. With our cat and dog bathing and grooming services, our goal is to make your furry friend look, feel, and smell better than ever while keeping him or her healthy at the same time!

Call 843-766-2873 to schedule your pet’s appointment at West Ashley Pet Care Center or if you have any questions.

Cat and Dog Grooming in Charleston, SC

Dog grooming appointmentBenefits of Cat and Dog Grooming

Having your dog and cat professionally bathed and groomed can provide a number of benefits for you and your pet, including:

  • Early detection of skin diseases and infections
  • Early detection of external parasites (fleas, ticks, etc.)
  • Removal of dead hairs and debris
  • Natural oils in hair can be stimulated, resulting in a smooth, shiny, healthy coat
  • Prevention of matting and feline hair balls
  • Reinforcement of healthy foot structure and prevention of nail curling

Schedule your cat and dog’s grooming and bathing appointment in West Ashley today by calling 843-766-2873.