Pet Wellness Care & Exams in Charleston, SC

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We are strong advocates for preventative medicine here at West Ashley Veterinary Clinic. Pet wellness care allows us (and you) to be more proactive about keeping your companion healthy. We recommend annual wellness exams for dogs and cats so we can check for physical and internal problems, detect potential infections or diseases sooner, and deliver timely, effective treatment that enhances your pet’s quality of life. Whether your loved one is in their first year of life or their tenth, our veterinarians and staff will provide personalized, low-stress care that is lovingly tailored to their needs.

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What Happens During a Routine Pet Exam?

What Happens During a Routine Pet Exam?

A complete physical exam is foundational to your pet’s ongoing care. We recommend a full exam at least once a year, but since senior dogs and cats are more prone to health issues like arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and organ failure, we typically recommend bi-annual (every 6 months) exams and blood work.

Your veterinarian will be thorough and gentle during your pet’s wellness exam, which will include:

  • Dental evaluation
  • Vision assessment
  • Heart and lung assessment
  • Abdominal palpation
  • Lump and bump check
  • Lymph and node exam
  • Skin and ear evaluation
  • Musculoskeletal and neurologic exam
  • Weight and body condition assessment

If necessary, we can recommend advanced diagnostics, provide treatment, or provide nutritional and weight management recommendations for your furry friend.

Additional Pet Wellness Services

In addition to the physical exam, we may also provide the following services to your pet to maintain their good health and protection from disease:

  • Tailored vaccinations
  • Blood work to screen for parasites and other problems
  • Fecal testing to check for intestinal parasites
  • Discussion about nutrition, behavior, and other key factors in your pet's care
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Senior Pet Care in Charleston, SC

Senior dogs and cats need more frequent and attentive care to ensure they stay healthy and pain-free. This is why we recommend seeing your senior pet at least once every 6 months for their wellness exam and lab work. Dogs and cats can face many different age-related conditions as they grow older, from vision or hearing loss to arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and organ failure. At West Ashley Veterinary Clinic, our goal is to help your companion enjoy their golden years as much as possible.

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How to Help Your Senior Dog or Cat Stay Healthy

Here are some of our recommendations for ensuring the best life possible for your senior pet:

  • Bring them in every 6 months for a checkup
  • Address signs of pain or illness promptly so we can treat them
  • Feed your pet a diet formulated for their age group and needs
  • Have senior blood work done at least once a year
  • Stay on top of your pet’s dental care
  • Keep your senior pet active to maintain their mobility
  • Maintain your pet’s vaccinations and parasite preventatives

We offer a senior wellness package to make their care easier and more affordable. This package covers the senior exam, blood work, thyroid testing, and more. Contact us at (843) 571-7095 for additional information!