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Cat Proof Christmas Tree

5 Tips for Cat-Proofing Your Christmas Tree

The holiday season brings joy and excitement, especially with the addition of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. However, if you’re a cat owner, this festive symbol can pose some challenges. Cats are naturally curious creatures, often tempted to climb, play with, or even nibble on your Christmas tree. To help you navigate this, we’ve put…
Dog Coughing

Should I Be Worried That My Dog Keeps Coughing?

Hearing your dog cough can be concerning. Coughing in dogs, like in humans, can have a variety of causes. It can range from being a minor issue to something that requires a vet’s attention. This article will explore the reasons behind your dog’s cough and guide you on when to seek help from a veterinarian.…
sad cat looking out window next to front door

How to Tell if Your Cat Has Separation Anxiety

If you’re a cat owner in Charleston, SC, there’s no doubt that your feline companion means the world to you. As conscientious cat parents, it’s our responsibility to ensure our pets’ overall wellbeing. However, understanding the complex emotional lives of our feline friends isn’t always straightforward. Today, we’re delving into a commonly overlooked issue that…
pug with tongue out

Is it Normal That My Dog Keeps Licking Their Lips in Charleston, SC?

The sight of a dog licking its lips can be quite common, especially if a treat is in sight! But have you ever wondered, “Is it normal that my dog keeps licking their lips?” As one of the premier veterinary practices in Charleston, SC, West Ashley Veterinary Clinic is here to guide you through this…
Dog Obesity Charleston Sc

Why Dog Obesity in Charleston, SC is a Health Threat

Dog obesity might not seem like it’s that big of a deal, but in reality, this is one of the most common health challenges for dogs. It can be easy to think that giving your dog treats or feeding them some extra food is harmless, but it can actually be very bad for your pet…
Dog Dehydration Charleston Sc

4 Tips to Protect Your Dog from Dehydration in Charleston, SC

If you own a dog, you probably love going on adventures with them. They also probably really enjoy being outside, even when the weather is hot. You might not be aware, however, that your dog needs to be protected from dehydration when the weather gets warmer. It is easier than many pet owners realize for…
Dog Leash Training Charleston Sc

How to Leash Train Your Dog in Charleston, SC

Leash training is one of the most important skills that you can teach to your dog. Your pet needs to be able to walk on the leash properly so that you can take them places and have fun with them. This can also be a big part of your dog being able to be safe…
Dog Parks Charleston Sc

6 Dog Parks in Charleston, SC to Visit with Your Pet

Taking your dog to the dog park is a great way to exercise them and give them some mental stimulation. There are many nice dog parks in Charleston, SC, that you might want to visit with your dog. If you are new to the area and are looking for a great place to take your…
Can Dogs Get Colds Charleston Sc

Can Dogs Get Colds in Charleston, SC?

Have you ever wondered whether dogs can catch colds? Do you think your pet may be sick with a cold, but are unsure if this is a possibility? If any of this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place! The short answer is that yes, dogs can catch colds just like humans…
Cat Coughing Charleston Sc

Why is My Cat Coughing in Charleston, SC?

If you have noticed that your cat is coughing, you might not be sure if you should be worried or not. As with any other animal and with people, coughing can be caused by a variety of different conditions. Some of these conditions are quite serious, while others are much less worrisome and can be…
Dog Snake Bites Charleston Sc

Snake Bites and Dogs in Charleston, SC: What to Do and How to Protect Your Pet

While you might not live in an area where snake bites are a common risk for your dog, it is important that every pet owner know what to do in the case that their dog is bitten by a snake. There is always the chance that a snake could slither through your property or that…
Lyme Disease

What to Know About Lyme Disease and Dogs in Charleston, SC

Lyme disease can be very serious in humans, but it can also negatively impact dogs. Many people are not aware that their dog can get Lyme Disease, and this can be one of the most frequently incorrectly diagnosed illnesses in dogs. Knowing more about this illness can be really important for pet owners to help…
Tapeworms In Cats Charleston Sc

How to Prevent Tapeworms in Cats in Charleston, SC

Parasites are a risk that cat owners will always have to consider in keeping their companions healthy. In addition to roundworms, hookworms, and other intestinal parasites, tapeworms are a less-dangerous but no-less unpleasant pest that cats may have to deal with at some point in their life. Luckily, as icky and alarming as they might…
Hookworms In Dogs Charleston Sc

4 Reasons to Protect Your Dog from Hookworms in Charleston, SC

Many dog owners are aware that there are parasites that their dog might get, but they are not usually familiar with which are the most dangerous to their dog’s health. Some areas of the US are more prone to certain parasites than others. In the case of hookworms, warm and humid weather can be a…
Symptoms Of Dog Parvovirus Charleston Sc

Symptoms of Dog Parvovirus in Charleston, SC and How to Protect Your Pet

Most dog owners are at least somewhat aware that Parvovirus is a very serious illness that can cause death in dogs of all ages. Puppies are the most at risk for contracting Parvovirus before they can be vaccinated for full protection. Most pet owners are not aware of the symptoms of this illness, however, which…
Dog Arthritis Charleston Sc

Dog Arthritis in Charleston, SC: What it is and How to Help Your Pet

Humans are not the only animals that can develop arthritis. There are certain dog breeds that are highly susceptible and have a predisposition for canine arthritis. Before you can begin to treat your dog’s condition, you need to understand basic information about the joint health condition. What is Dog Arthritis? Arthritis is a joint health…
Dog Flea Tick Prevention Charleston Sc

4 Reasons it is Important to Keep Up with Your Dog’s Flea and Tick Prevention in Charleston, SC

Flea and ticks can lead to serious health problems in animals. From skin conditions to anemia to infectious diseases like Lyme Disease, there are many health conditions that can be caused by improper flea and tick management. Some parts of the country have larger populations of ticks, but fleas are common all over the US.…
Pet Insurance Charleston Sc

What is Pet Insurance in Charleston, SC and How Can it Help My Pet?

No one wants to be put in a situation where they cannot pay their vet bill or deny essential care for their pet due to cost. Pet insurance can help you pay for your vet bill in the case of an emergency or if your pet develops a medical condition that requires ongoing treatment. We…
Cat Obesity Charleston Sc

How to Help an Obese Cat in Charleston, SC Lose Weight

Do you have a cat? Is he a little bit overweight? Or is he perhaps obese? Many cat owners unfortunately allow their cats to become very overweight to the point of being obese, and some do not even know how to help their pets when they get to this point. If your cat is obese,…
Dog Separation Anxiety Charleston Sc

4 Signs Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety in Charleston, SC and How to Help

Does your dog panic when it’s time for the humans of the household to leave home? Do you often come home to a destroyed interior and a distressed dog? If any of this sounds true for you, then you might be dealing with a dog who has separation anxiety. In this article, we’ll show you…
Constipation In Cats Charleston Sc

Constipation in Cats in Charleston, SC: How to Help Your Pet

Do you think your cat might be constipated? Constipation is a very serious problem for cats, and it’s important to take care of the issue as soon as possible if you think it’s happening to your cat. If you have noticed your cat going to the litter box with no results, or if she yells…
Benefit Of Neutering Your Dog Charleston Sc

6 Benefits of Neutering Your Dog in Charleston, SC

Do you have a male dog or puppy? Are you wondering whether your pet should be neutered? Do you want to know more about the benefits of neutering your dog? A Few Things About Dog Neutering You Should Know If any of this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place! In the…
Cat Meowing Charleston Sc

Cat Meowing in Charleston, SC: What Does it Mean?

If you have a talkative cat, you’ve probably heard a lot of meowing already. Some cats will meow more than others, but they all make noise at some point or another. Reasons for Cat Meowing Whether you’ve had a cat in your life before or not, you may find it difficult to understand what your…
Bad Dog Breath Charleston Sc

Bad Dog Breath in Charleston, SC and How to Get Rid of it

While no dog’s breath is going to smell nice, constant bad breath is both unpleasant and a sign of potential problems. It’s hard to enjoy your dog face to face when your dog’s breath is hard to bear. Luckily, there are some easy solutions out there that can help both you and your pup. It’s…
Dog Teeth Cleaning Charleston Sc

How Can Dog Teeth Cleaning in Charleston, SC Get Plaque and Tartar Off My Dog’s Teeth?

It is important to maintain your dog’s dental health, and most dental problems in dogs come from a build-up of plaque and tartar on the teeth, leading to gum disease and bad breath. Fortunately, there are some things you can do at home to help keep your best friend’s teeth healthy, and reduce plaque and…
Tear Stains On Dogs Charleston Sc

Tear Stains on Dogs in Charleston, SC: What They are and How to Treat Them

For dog owners who have light-colored dogs, one of the more challenging things about owning these types of dogs is dealing with tear stains. Tear stains on dogs can look unsightly and can give off a strange odor, but there are ways to deal with tear stains. Though generally not dangerous or painful themselves, tear…
How To Prepare Your Dog For Boarding In Charleston Sc

How to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding in Charleston, SC

If you’re going out of town and need to board your dog, it’s important to find a kennel or facility that’s best for your dog, and it’s important to know what facilities require from you before boarding your pet. Below are some tips for preparing your best friend to be boarded at a kennel or…
Cat Care In Charleston Sc


Felines Are People, Too For the first time in 18 years, my family is hearing the pitter patter of tiny kitten feet in our home. Those feet are the delicate base of a white and orange tabby boy that my 12- year- old daughter named Augustus, “Gus” for short. Of course this was followed by…