4 Reasons it is Important to Keep Up with Your Dog’s Flea and Tick Prevention in Charleston, SC

Flea and ticks can lead to serious health problems in animals. From skin conditions to anemia to infectious diseases like Lyme Disease, there are many health conditions that can be caused by improper flea and tick management. Some parts of the country have larger populations of ticks, but fleas are common all over the US.

If you have been wondering if you really need to invest in flea and tick prevention for your dog, you need to read this article. There are numerous reasons that you will want to be sure that your dog is flea and tick free.

flea and tick prevention for dogs in charleston, sc

Flea and Tick Prevention is Vital to Your Dog’s Health

1. Flea and Tick Control Prevents Infectious Diseases

Ticks carry some diseases that you absolutely don’t want your dog to have. Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are both carried by ticks, and these diseases can be damaging to your pet’s health. Lyme disease can cause reduced energy, lameness, stiffness, joint pain, loss of appetite, and fever. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever causes vomiting, diarrhea, fever, coughing, swelling, hemorrhages and more.

These diseases can be deadly, so it is well worth preventing them through proper flea and tick management. Avoiding lifelong health conditions and a serious and sudden decline in health can be as easy as using your flea and tick control on schedule.

2. Flea and Tick Control Prevents Anemia

In our region flea infestations can become so bad that they can lead to anemia in your dog. Fleas can also cause all kinds of skin conditions, allergies, hot spots, and ear infections. Fleas might not seem like they can make a big impact on your dog’s health, but once they have started using your dog as a host, they can cause damage to your dog’s health. They are transmissible to humans, so it is well worth eliminating them.

When your dog only has a few fleas, you probably will not be concerned about their overall wellbeing. However, as the flea population increases, your dog will become anemic, listless and might even be covered in sores. Fleas can be much harder on your pet’s health than you might think, and they are transmissible to humans, so it is well-worth eliminating them.

3. Flea and Tick Control Prevents Tapeworms

Some flea species can actually transmit tapeworms and other serious diseases. Your pet’s health can be impacted by these secondary infestations. Many people are not aware that fleas can carry these kinds of diseases. Fleas are far more damaging to your dog’s health than you might think and many pet owners are just not aware of the risks that they are exposing their dog to by allowing flea populations to go unchecked.

4. Fleas and Ticks Can Transmit Diseases to Humans

Some of the diseases and parasites that fleas and ticks carry can be transmitted to humans. If you have a dog that has fleas or ticks on them that carry these diseases, these infestations might have made their way into the carpet and furniture in your home. This can lead to you and your family contracting these illnesses as well.

Pets that live in the house should be prevented from getting any of these diseases or bringing fleas and ticks that carry them into the house. Plus, it is very unenjoyable to be bitten by fleas or to have ticks in your skin. Dogs can be a vector that carries pests into your house, and you will want to avoid this risk along with the other possible risks to your dog’s health.

Preventing Fleas and Ticks in Dogs

It is easy to prevent flea and tick infestations in your pets. Average flea collars are ineffective and can be toxic to cats. In our area of the country fleas have developed resistance to the common topical products used on dogs, but some are still effective in cats. By far oral products are most effective and economical in dogs, and there are several options. Don’t let a flea and tick infestation take hold in your home! Everyone’s health is at risk.

Flea and Tick Prevention is Important to Your Dog’s Health

If you have a pet that spends any time outdoors or you are going to take your dog hiking, swimming, or to other locations with you on vacation, you need to be sure that they are current on their flea and tick prevention medications. You will also have to take care of this maintenance for your dog to be allowed to board at a vet clinic or private boarding facility.

Flea and tick prevention is important for your pet’s health and longevity. Providing flea and tick prevention for your dog on a regular schedule can make all the difference between them living a long and happy life or struggling with long-term health conditions.

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