6 Dog Parks in Charleston, SC to Visit with Your Pet

Taking your dog to the dog park is a great way to exercise them and give them some mental stimulation. There are many nice dog parks in Charleston, SC, that you might want to visit with your dog. If you are new to the area and are looking for a great place to take your dog to exercise, or you are visiting the area and need to give your dog some time to play, you can enjoy these lovely parks with ease.

dog parks in charleston, sc

1. Hampton Park Dog Run

Hampton Park Dog Run is a nice park that offers wide open spaces for your dog to play in, and there is a watering station to use. There is no split area for small dogs, but there is so much space that large dogs have plenty of room to play without interfering with little dogs who might hang out closer to the fence or the watering station.

You can easily play fetch with your dog here, and you can let your dog off-leash as well. This park can be quite busy, so keep this in mind if you have a dog that gets overwhelmed by lots of other pets in the park. Make sure as well that you have your own clean-up bags for dog poop, as there are not any provided bags at the watering station.

Location: 83-147 Grove St, Charleston, SC 29403

2. James Island County Dog Park

The James Island County Dog Park is a nice park inside of the regular James Island County Park. This is an off-leash park, and it is closed regularly each week for maintenance to keep things clean. James Island is closed on Wednesdays until 9 AM but is open at all other times of the week. Dogs can access the lake and swim and play, and there are large grassy areas for your dog to fetch or play with other dogs.

There can be alligators here from time to time, so be sure that you keep your eyes peeled for these local members of the natural habitat. Your dog will need to be leashed in the part of the park that is shared with human recreation areas, and you are asked to make sure to pick up after your pet if they make a mess. There are water stations in the park as well, but no small, fenced area for little dogs to enjoy alone.

Location: 71 Riverland Dr, Charleston, SC 29412

3. East Bay Dog Park

East Bay Dog Park is usually less busy than some of the other locations, which can be nice if you and your dog want some peace and quiet. There is a gravel area, some grass, and access to the water here. You will need to clean up after your own dog when you come here, so bring poop bags with you when you visit.

Dogs are allowed off-leash here, and there is plenty of space to throw a ball or frisbee with your pet. Be aware that there is no smaller area for little dogs to play all by themselves.

Location: 41 S Adgers Wharf, Charleston, SC 29401

4. Mixson Avenue Dog Park

While Mixson Avenue Dog Park is not very big, this is a well-maintained and cozy dog park that is a great option for your use. There is no watering station here, so be sure to bring your own water and water bowl for your pet. The main area of the park is Astroturf, which can be a turn-off for some owners, but it can be ideal if the weather has been wet since your dog will not get muddy.

The park is maintained by the city, which means that it is always kept clean, and the fencing and other necessary items are in great repair. There is also good access to parking here.

Location: 4856 Mixson Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405

5. Riverfront Dog Park

Riverfront Dog Park offers access to both people and dogs, and there are play structures as well as recreational areas here that are not off-limits to dogs. There is a specific dog section of the park, but this entire park is very dog friendly. You can enjoy the walking trails and other recreational areas with your dog on a leash, and they are allowed off-leash in the dog area.

It can get a little muddy here if the weather has not been great, so plan to bring some towels to wipe off muddy feet. You will also need to bring your own dog water and water bowl here since most areas of the park do not have access to a dog watering station.

Location: 1001 Everglades Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405

6. Wando Woods Dog Park

Wando Woods Dog Park is a great place to head with a small dog. This is the perfect size of park for little dogs to feel safe and secure. The park does not offer a watering station, and there are few amenities, but it is kept clean, and it is a nice place with some grass for your pet to play. There is also a play structure that can be fun for your kids if they need to come along with you to exercise your dog.

Location: 3901 Paramount Dr, Charleston, SC 29405

There Are Many Nice Dog Parks in Charleston, SC

There are many nice dog parks in Charleston that you can visit with your canine friend. Whether you are in town just for a few days or you are looking for a new place to have fun with your dog, these parks are ideal for your needs. Most of these locations have easy parking access, and you will love that the parks are kept clean. Additionally, having access to water can make these dog parks much more fun for big dogs who need to blow off some steam.

Charleston is a lovely city that is full of amenities, and there are so many dog parks throughout the city that you should have no trouble finding the perfect park to enjoy with your pet.

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