6 Benefits of Neutering Your Dog in Charleston, SC

Do you have a male dog or puppy? Are you wondering whether your pet should be neutered? Do you want to know more about the benefits of neutering your dog?

A Few Things About Dog Neutering You Should Know

If any of this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place! In the article below, we’ll show you the basics you need to know about the benefits of neutering your dog. You’ll be able to figure out which of these benefits apply to your pet and use this information to make the decision. As always, talk to your veterinarian if you have any more questions or concerns.

Dog Neuter in Charleston, SC1.     Neutered Dogs Cannot Contribute to the Overpopulation of Pets

One of the most important benefits of neutering your dog is reducing the impact of intact dogs on the overpopulation of pets. Pet overpopulation is a major issue in the United States as well as around the world. If your male dog is neutered, he won’t be able to contribute to this issue at all.

If you are not planning to breed your dog—which should only be done under responsible conditions—then there is simply no reason to leave him intact. Have him neutered so he won’t risk impregnating any female dogs in your area.

2.     Neutered Dogs are Less Likely to Roam

When a dog is intact, he is driven by the instinct to mate and breed. He will want to find female dogs in heat, and if he senses one in the area, he will do everything he can to escape from your home or yard and roam. He may run away from home for a long time if this happens.

Dogs who roam are at risk for a variety of injuries, illnesses, and overall problems. If you want to keep your dog safely at home, you will need to have him neutered as soon as possible. Neutering almost always curbs this desire to run off.

3.     Neutered Dogs are Less Likely to Be Aggressive

Most dogs calm down and become less hyper as well as less aggressive when they are neutered. Although it may take a few months for these behavioral changes to kick in following the procedure, you should see some improvements in your dog’s temperament most of the time when he is neutered.

There are, of course, some dogs who are naturally aggressive and who do not improve when neutered. Neutering should not be considered as a perfect treatment for aggression in dogs, but it can often help. If you have more problems, you may need to work with a dog trainer.

4.     Neutered Dogs are Healthier

Neutered dogs are much less likely of developing prostate cancer than intact dogs. Additionally, dogs who have been neutered cannot develop testicular cancer at all. They are much healthier overall because of the reduced or negated risk of these types of cancers, and other types of cancer risks can sometimes be reduced as well.

Additionally, dogs who are neutered don’t tend to run away from home as often, which in turn keeps them healthier. They are less likely to get into fights or accidents due to roaming related to mating instincts, so they are healthier in this way as well.

5.     Neutered Dogs May Be Required by Landlords If You Rent

If you rent your home, or if you live in a condominium or Homeowner’s Association, you may be required by the landlord or the organization to neuter your dog. There may sometimes be methods of getting around this requirement, but for the most part, you should plan to follow it if you are in this situation.

To have a pet dog, you will need to have him neutered if you live in a location like this. You will probably also need to provide documentation of the procedure so there is no risk of this requirement being ignored.

Benefits of Neutering Your Dog in Charleston, SC6.     Neutered Dogs May Live Longer

Although there are always exceptions to this benefit, most neutered dogs may live longer than their intact counterparts. Neutering helps improve a dog’s overall health and wellbeing and cuts down on his risk of getting into fights about mating.

If you want to provide your dog with the best potential wellbeing, make sure to have him neutered.

Neuter Your Dog at West Ashley Veterinary Clinic

Although it is up to you to ultimately choose whether to neuter your dog, keep in mind that most vets will recommend this procedure in almost every circumstance. There are always exceptions, and some dogs may not be good candidates for neutering. However, in most cases, it is crucial to have your dog neutered as soon as your veterinarian recommends that the surgery be done.

If you have any further questions, be sure to speak to your veterinarian at West Ashley Veterinary Clinic by calling 843-571-7095 or using our online form to book an appointment. Your vet will be able to talk to you about your specific dog’s needs related to neutering.

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