Dog Care in Charleston, SC

Dog Care in Charleston: Special Information

Dogs are wonderful companions who can benefit from special handling while visiting our animal hospital. We provide worried dogs with calming pheromones, tasty peanut butter and cheese treats, floor exams, and table mats to help keep them calm.  We also suggest comfort packs for those who are extremely nervous. These comfort pack medications are very safe and can make a big difference in the quality of the visit. We often recommend them for storm or firework phobia, travel, or other anxiety disorders.

There are several things you can do to help your canine companion before a veterinary visit:

  • Attend our fear free puppy class when your dog is young
  • Come by frequently for “happy” puppy visits and let our staff spoil them
  • If they are able and it’s not too hot, take a long walk before you come (exercise has a calming effect)
  • Accustom your dog to a mat or bed and bring it with when you come
  • Bring a toy that your dog loves
  • Park on the side of our building away from traffic
  • Keep your dog’s collar and leash secure
  • Accustom your dog to the handling of the mouth and feet so we can examine them more easily
  • Bring a stool sample to the appointment
  • Have the dog wear a Thundershirt™

At West Ashley Veterinary Clinic we are committed to helping you ease the stress your pet may feel when visiting our animal hospital.

Veterinarians with a Dog